A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

3,000 years in the future mankind is living on moons orbiting Neptune after an asteroid was on a path that would destroy the earth. Years had passed since mankind's arrival on the moons, life has prospered and life had become normal once again until they discover a new threat. An expedition team finds a new moon where they discover a mineral that contains bacteria that causes the infection. After being exposed to the bacteria those infected could not be cured. After the contact people would start to lose their humanity. An outbreak eventually occurred and the virus was affecting everyone. All that was left was a chef in the back of a restaurant as everything around was turning into chaos. He walks out in curiosity of the screams coming from outside and he sees his restaurant being destroyed by zombies. He grabs his kitchen utensils and prepares for what's to come…


Move: arrow keys

Jump: Spacebar/ Up arrow key


NeptunesCurse.zip 6 MB